Drive-in or Bust

For awhile considered a declining industry, the drive-in movie theater is one part of the economy that is seeing a last-minute lifeline. With social distancing requirements, the drive-in theater is one place that can accomplish this fairly well and is used to some form of separation. And the numbers do seem to show that families are using this form of entertainment as a way to get out and do something.

Given this albeit temporary resurgence, the drive-in theater is no longer just a forgotten form of entertainment. It is actually creating inspiration for other types of events to slowly come back. Drive-in concerts and raves were soon reported in Europe.

The US is following suit. One example is the Concert In Your Car series planned for June 4-7 at Globe Life Field and could become a weekly occurrence. A sign that this will become a larger trend, Live Nation has plans for broadcasted, drive-ins, and reduced-capacity shows to get things started again.

With fans and event-goers stuck at home for months, drive-in options present a welcome opportunity to be stuck in their car but at least get out and take in some form of social entertainment. If only there were venues for drive-in sports…

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