NBA Limps Towards Restart

NBA Limps Towards Restart

With the NBA set to restart at the end of the month things are not exactly off to a smooth start. The season starts back up July 30th at Disney World in Orlando, FL. For many players the idea of being isolated in the bubble for up to three months was not the most exciting proposition. Gordon Hayward’s pregnant wife posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram page. Stephen A Smith expressed his concern about players sneaking in “groupies” into the bubble.  He might have a valid point as one Twitter user has already claimed she has gotten invited to the bubble. Some are concerned that Covid-19 will end up spreading in the bubble, at the end of June each player was tested and 16 of them tested positive.

With the players moving into the bubble last week the complaints have already started. Joel Embiid was not exactly thrilled with the food choices. Troy Daniels was on the same page as Joel, tweeting out his first meal in the bubble. Lakers guard Rajon Rondo compared his hotel room to a Motel 6. Newly signed Lakers guard J.R. Smith gave fans a tour of the bubble and summed it up by saying “this shit is ass”. Rondo was involved in another potential concern as he was the first player to suffer an injury in the bubble. Rondo injured his hand at practice and is expected to be out 6-8 weeks.

With all these complaints, many have criticized NBA players for acting spoiled and complaining about relatively minor issues. One tweak the NBA has made is allowing players to wear social justice messages on their jersey. They do have to be approved, and some players have announced already what message they will be wearing. To see the list of approved jersey choices take a  look here.

With all the concerns many have asked why the NBA is so determined on finishing the 2019-2020 season, most believe that as usual it comes down to money. With so much intrigue around the NBA restart, it will be certainly be interesting to see how it all unfolds come July 30th.

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