Rescue Meet’s June 16th, 2020 Conference Report

Rescue Meet’s June 16th, 2020 Conference Report

Live event industry expert and consultant Eric Fuller started Rescue Meet as a passion project focused on his dedication to the industry. And today that industry is being rocked hard by the COVID-19 economy and shutdowns with concerts and sports postponed and cancelled. That is exactly why Eric put together Rescue Meet.  His vision is to bring together industry leaders at a series of conferences to begin planning a path forward.

The first conference occurred on May 19, 2020. Some highlights from that session can be viewed here. The second conference took place yesterday, June 16th with three sessions over the course of the day.

The first session focused on Sale and Marketing. During the session’s 90 minutes Eric and Dave Wakeman traded ideas about ways to price tickets as we come out of the COVID-19 lockdown. They also discussed how to drive fan engagement with teams or performers and with the companies which sell their tickets. Both Eric and Dave consult for big companies in Live Entertainment. This session showed why. Their ideas included how to change the way venues and promoters utilize the time while the primary event is not taking place to create excitement in the room to something as obvious as reducing the reluctance to attend shows which have social distancing protocols by sending ticket holders masks with the logos of the event and randomly some of which have a tear off coupon for a free beverage or snack. It was obvious to anyone watching these two bounce ideas back and forth that they really do understand the live entertainment industry.

During the midday session, topics centered around Technology and Ticket Distribution. Changes in ticket distribution technology and future needs were discussed. The delay and challenges facing attempts at blockchain ticketing were explained. We are likely to see a shift to almost completely digital ticketing. With the revenue challenges that companies are being faced with, there is also an importance on prioritizing revenue sources not solely dependent on ticket sales. This includes large corporations, primary and secondary marketplaces, as well as small brokers. Diversification is key for everyone to safeguard the future and to weather outlier events.

The last session was on Leadership and Management. Due to the uncertainty with the pandemic and the virus, leaders have tough decisions to make with limited information. Management teams must coordinate and collaborate effectively together to minimize the effect and move forward. Events need to be planned out months from now with uncertainty of what the situation will look like. The NFL season may pan out to be a good barometer of whether fans can return to the stands. Employee relationships and hiring practices will also go a long way as companies navigate the crisis. The other side will also include managing expectations and handling questions from concerned customers. The old idea of the goal of companies being to only return value to shareholder will be changing as well. Leaders now more than ever need to set up standard tools, systems, and processes to make it through the uncertainty with some sense of control.

The next Rescue Meet conference will be held in July, 2020. In the meantime, watch the Rescue Meet website for updates and sign up for their newsletter. You can also check out the articles at the Rescue Meet blog.  Hope to see you at the next conference.