Don’t Rush In

Don’t Rush In

Does the U.S. need to slow down? It would be difficult to argue we don’t. Americans have a tendency for better or worse to rebel against the rules.

One could argue that in this case it is for the worse. A surge in state reopenings has led to a corresponding surge in COVID-19 cases. Did we reopen too soon? State reopenings are not the only thing facing setbacks. The live event industry is full of examples as well.

Concerts are experiencing the issue as well. Artists like Chase Rice and DaBaby performed at concerts with minimal social-distancing measures. They rightly caught a lot of backlash, and their efforts have hampered the larger industry’s ability to move forward and make progress. Even drive-in concerts with supposed safety measures are catching flak for not fully following rules.

Sports are finally restarting and immediately facing concerns. MLB kicked off its shortened 2020 season last Thursday. Washington Nationals star Juan Soto tested positive that day and missed the opener, and only days later the Miami Marlins encountered a team-crippling amount of cases. Questions are obviously starting to rise concerning the feasibility of the season and the teams traveling. The NBA restarts their 2020 season on Thursday. While in a bubble unlike the MLB, and outbreak for them could prove more devastating.  

The pressure to reopen is understandable. We cannot stay locked down forever. Livelihoods depend on our ability to get back to normal. The early results of reopening and restarting are less than ideal. The coming weeks and months will go a long way in determining our ultimate scorecard. Fingers crossed we get smarter. Or, hell, I’ll take lucky at this point.

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