The Daily Headliner – 01

Sports Re-openings

While UFC 249 provided a sports respite over the weekend from Korean baseball, yesterday was a big day for sports re-opening announcements. The English Premier League can resume play on June 1 as part of a government released plan. In the US, Major League Baseball is now eying July for the beginning of their season. Events on TV are a welcome sign for starved fans, but when and how fans in the stands will be allowed is the next hurdle.

Ticket Refunds/Payments are the Next Stimulus Check

Fans and brokers across the event industry are eagerly awaiting both refunds and payments for ticket purchases and sales. Learn about the dynamics at play by reading here.

Stock Watch

Event related companies across the board are facing unimaginable drops in demand due to COVID-19 shutdowns. While re-openings are showing some potential light at the end of the tunnel, recent news is still dire. Eventbrite reported first-quarter earnings that missed estimates and were grossly below last year’s same quarter numbers. The AMC movie theater chain has been similarly rocked financially. Drastically reduced company valuations may also lead to attractive acquisition and merger targets for strong opportunistic buyers.

Artists Take the Stage Online

With in person events largely a no-go these days, artists are getting creative with events online for their fans. Facebook and Instagram Live have become simple ways to not just connect with fans but provide them with “live” entertainment. Even Saturday Night Live has gone remote work style for multiple recent episodes. Concert venues are also following suit posting both past shows and online DJ sets online for their followers. Check out your local venues and favorite artists social media accounts if you are looking for something new tonight.

Esports Steals Joe Buck

As esports continues its emerging ascendance, it continues to get more mainstream. Case in point: traditional sports broadcasters are showcasing their skills announcing the riveting play-by-play of video game tournaments. We all thought Gus Johnson found his calling, but he may have come too soon.