The Daily Headliner – 02

Sports Re-openings

Earlier it was the English Premier League and Major League Baseball hatching their plans to restart play and seasons. Now the news is on the NBA’s plans to finish their 2020 season. Spurring the path to a restart, star players got together to plan their positions on restarting during a conference call that we would have loved to Zoom bomb.

The Show Must Not Got On

Unsurprisingly, Broadway curtains will remain down throughout the summer. Like other events, this will create a future frenzy of rescheduling, especially for touring shows like Hamilton rearranging cities into 2021. On the other hand, Disney+ is moving 2021 to 2020 by moving up the release of the movie version of Hamilton to July 3, 2020 which is 15 months early. Sing it with us, we’ll all be in our own rooms when it happens.

Pent Up Demand

A large question for the overall economy rests in will the consumer come out and spend as states and the country is able to reopen. There are small scale anecdotal signs that the answer may be yes when it happens. A Colorado restaurant that opened for Mother’s Day and was subsequently shut down by the state witnessed packed tables and lines out the door. Even more impressively, Georgia saw a spike in out-of-state visitors in response to its partial reopening. Eldorado Resorts’ CEO Tom Reeg expects the gaming industry to thrive on reopening exactly because of this type of pent up demand. Additionally, Florida theme parks and resorts are reopening portions of their parks and venues with restrictions starting Thursday and over the coming week.

Ticket Industry Relief

Major players in the ticket industry have been hit hard by the crisis and the cancellation of events. Live Nation Entertainment will raise $800 million in debt through a bond sale to assist operations. The National Association of Ticket Brokers also wrote a letter to the White House, Treasury, and Congress requested additional relief for the industry.

Event Safety Guidelines

All efforts to reopen anything whether it is a city, restaurant, music venue, sports arena must focus on safety to protect customers and do it right and avoid even more costly second shutdowns. Based on industry input, the Event Safety Alliance released its Reopening Guide for event professionals recently. It includes sections on when to reopen, patron education, employee health, venue sanitation, entry and exit, circulation, food and beverage, merchandise sales, production issues, and legal issues.

Brosé All Day

Spice up your summer this June with some bottles of Post Malone rosé.