The Daily Headliner – 04

StubHub Week

Yesterday’s newsletter linked to a venture capital podcast episode about the early days at StubHub with co-founder Jeff Fluhr. This Forbes article brings the StubHub story full circle from the perspective of StubHub’s other co-founder Eric Baker and Viagogo’s epically poor timed purchase of StubHub from eBay.

BTS Army Takes on Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster as well as other primary and secondary has caught a lot of fire for its handling of ticket refunds. If anyone can make them listen, maybe it’s the millions strong BTS Army. Then again, a real fan like this one won’t even let refunding cross her mind.

Is Orlando the Key to Reopening?

The Disney World has plans to reopen in July. Special precautions will include face masks, temperature checks, extra sanitizing, and limited contact. Orlando (and Vegas) have been floated as potential locations for the NBA to finish its season. What this will look like (likely just some form of playoffs) is still up in the air, and the season and champion if we get one will likely have to live with an asterisk on its record.

Christian Music Drive-ins

The scramble for concert revenue continues to push promoters and artists to drive-ins. Christian music producer Awakening Events is putting together a summer Drive-In Theater Tour Concert Series. The tour currently includes multiple shows by TobyMac and Newsboys United.

The 1975’s Matthew Healy Interview

With many tours cancelled or postponed, bands and artists find themselves with some down time instead of in the middle of packed travel schedules. The 1975 singer/guitarist Matthew Healy took some time to discuss the band’s fourth album “Notes of a Conditional Form” with Variety. Read about Greta Thunberg being on the album and more about the 22 songs on it.

RNC Convention

Events are events. And the RNC convention is an interesting barometer of the current impacts to live events from COVID-19. Granted that the political implications and posturing make it fairly unique. States such as Georgia and Texas are jockeying for position to host the event this August due to the President’s largely Twitter fueled spat with scheduled host North Carolina.

Listening Recommendations

Rock out to this solid mashup of 1980’s hits from The Hood Internet.

The next Lil Nas X? Have a listen to the songs on the BRELAND EP from newcomer [Daniel] Breland.