The Daily Headliner – 05

More StubHub News

StubHub permanently cut 200 jobs, and its president Sukhinder Singh Cassidy announced she is leaving the company. Singh Cassidy stated the company is not going bankrupt, but entertainment industry consultant Eric Fuller predicts it will and explains why. In other ticket marketplace news, here come the refund policy lawsuits.

MLB Hitting Roadblocks

MLB has shown plans of starting the season in July, but salary discussions are proving problematic with players especially with super-agent Scott Boras recommending clients stand firm.

Other Sports Updates

In COVID-19 hard hit Italy, Serie A has been cleared to resume games on June 20. The parade on cancellations continues with the Boston Marathon being cancelled for the first time. It had originally been postponed. And financial and cultural pressures and pushing for avenues for a college football season.

Amazon Joins the Virtual Concert Space

Jeff Bezos’ quest for world domination never rests. Amazon is sponsoring a virtual benefit concert with All in Washington on June 10. The concert will be streamed on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel and feature Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Brandi Carlile, and Macklemore among other artists. Amazon is putting up $10 million for the show and Bezos will match individual donations up to $25 million. Separately, Carlile announced she will perform a series of livestream shows in which she will run through all her albums.

MTV Live in August?

MTV is working on plans for a live show of its Video Music Award this August at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Some contingencies include remote performances and having no crowd.

Superspreading Events

The CDC is warning about the key role of superspeading events (SSE) in the spread of COVID-19. These include intimate gatherings like weddings and funerals to large scale events where some key factors are number of people in close proximity, indoors, and talking/yelling/shouting. If reading the report is too dense, listen to this Wall Street Journal podcast that breaks down SSEs.

Listening Recommendations

Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK – Sour Candy