The Daily Headliner – 06

The Daily Headliner – 06

Industry Support for George Floyd

The news over the weekend circled around the protests in major cities across the country and around the world. Many entertainment industry firms and leaders voiced their support on social media: Live Nation, iHeartRADIO, SXSW, Rolling Loud, CAA Music, Coachella, and Roc Nation among others.

Lack of Clarity in Reopening

As several states and cities re-open in the past few and coming weeks, businesses of all kinds are struggling to determine what they can and can’t do. Judges are halting concerts such as this one in Tooele County that was organized to protest business shutdowns. The organizers, while at first defiant of the order, ended up holding a fundraiser picnic instead.

Small Venue Impact

By not, much has been reported about the impact of COVID-19 on the live entertainment industry. While larger artists can weather the proverbial storm with livestreaming and some places are experimenting with drive-in concerts, the future of small music venues isn’t as rosy. Here is at least one story of a small local venue/store coming up with some creative solutions.

Industry Entrepreneurial News

Founder Guy Oseary will step down from Maverick, Live Nation’s artist management arm. He will be moving on to other entrepreneurial ventures. In other entrepreneurial news, EDM-pop duo The Chainsmokers are starting a VC fund called Mantis. And Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie spoke with top-level firm Andreessen Horowitz on its a16z podcast about his platform for fans to invest in players and other forms of fan engagement.

Sex Beats Sports

Switzerland will allow sex work to return to business while restrictions remain on contact sports like judo and boxing as well as large public events. Alternatively, the infamous red light district in Amsterdam will not reopen until September.

Listening Recommendations

Future says it’s Hard To Choose One so we’ll try our luck with one.