The Daily Headliner – 12

The Daily Headliner – 12

Take a Knee

It has been years since Colin Kaepernick sparked the national conversation around kneeling, the anthem, and Black Lives Matter. Here is a well written article on deeper meanings behind the act kneeling. It is both a sign of defiance and respect.

Trump Hollywood Star

President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star was covered with black spray paint with a “BLM” mark nearby. To top it all off, a bag of dog excrement was left on top of the star as well.

What Would Epidemiologists Do?

A group of 511 epidemiologists were surveyed by The New York Times on when they expected to do certain activities again. A majority marked over a year for sporting events, concerts, and plays.

AEG Layoffs

AEG became the latest event industry giant to announce a wave of layoffs and cost reductions. The organization had attempted to avoid these drastic measures, but the sustained impact of COVID-19 shutdowns made it an eventuality.

Listening Recommendations

Listen to Kane Brown’s soulful country voice rock Stand By Me while sitting on a stool.

Daily Virtual Concerts

Live Nation puts the “live” in livestream. Get your concert fix with daily livestream performances.