The Daily Headliner – 32

The Daily Headliner – 32

Ticket Resale Team Happy Hour

Ticket Resale Team (TRT) will be hosting a Happy Hour on Zoom with industry expert Eric Fuller tonight at 5pm PST. For more information and to join in the industry conversation, please contact TRT at

Live Nation Profiteering

First Live Nation was holding up ticket refunds for postponed and cancelled events. Now they are going after artists with fee pay cuts and more burden for penalties for cancellations. Read The Daily Headliner’s article here.

Change or Die

The situation for the live event industry gets worse day after day. Check out Eric Fuller’s latest article emphasizing the need for everyone in the industry to prepare to adapt or die.

StubHub’s Jill Krimmel

We previously shared StubHub interim President Jill Krimmel’s interview with Quartz on the impacts of COVID-19 on the industry. Here is The Daily Headliner’s review of her comments and where StubHub stands in the crisis.

Kanye West for President?

Kanye West blew up Twitter on July 4th with what seemed to be an announced campaign for president. The seriousness and feasibility was obviously questioned, but it definitely created some intrigue.

Listening Recommendations

Get some Summer Feelings with Lennon Stella ft. Charlie Puth.

Daily Virtual Concerts

Live Nation puts the “live” in livestream. Get your concert fix with daily livestream performances.