The Daily Headliner – 36

The Daily Headliner – 36

Basketball and Baseball Diverging Paths

Basketball and baseball are close to restarting or starting their 2020 seasons but with different strategies. You can read The Daily Headliner’s review of the differences between the NBA and MLB’s plans and chances of success.

Baseball and Fans

Since finalizing its 2020 plans, MLB is struggling with players contracting the virus as well as others expressing concerns or opting out. Despite concerns, some teams are investigating having fans including $350 Wrigley rooftop seats.

Football and Fans

How MLB handles bringing fans back if possible and the success/failure of it will play a large role in what the NFL is able to do. Right now, some football teams are planning for reduced capacity and other measures for the fall.

Great White Fails to Distance

It’s not surprising that Great White, the band that killed 100 people in a club with pyrotechnics, was one of the latest to play a non-socially distanced gig. The show was part of the First on First concert series in Dickinson, ND.

Listening Recommendations

Juice WRLD & Marshmello with Come & Go.

Daily Virtual Concerts

Live Nation puts the “live” in livestream. Get your concert fix with daily livestream performances.