The Daily Headliner – 47

The Daily Headliner – 47

Save Our Stages Bill

Senators Amy Klobuchar and John Cornyn have introduced the Save Our stages bill aiming to provide assistance to venues. Klobuchar spoke to Rolling Stone about the bill.

MLB Already in Jeopardy

We’re one weekend in, and a COVID-19 outbreak among Miami Marlins players led to the cancellation of some games. The situation highlights the precariousness of MLB’s 2020 season.

NBA Courtside

Following MLB’s return, the NBA is set to return to play in its Orlando bubble on July 30. Interestingly, the league is planning to use Microsoft Teams to project fans courtside during games and allow them to interact.

Drive-In Concert Reviews

A Chainsmokers concert received mixed reactions with attendees saying it was safe and fun while others questioned “risking corona for the Chainsmokers.”  And this writer says the only con of the Blake Shelton concert was that it wasn’t longer.

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