What Will Near Future Events Look Like?

With many states across the country starting to reopen people have been wondering what live events may look like in the near future. Many believe the first events to come back will be smaller capacity shows. These events will look drastically different according to the Event Safety Alliance who put together a 29-page reopening safety guide for venues. Some standout recommendations from the guide are required masks, temperature screening customers, and required hourly hand washing. With these guidelines in place for the near future one has to wonder how eager customers will be to attend their first live event after COVID-19.

One more drastic solution that has been discussed has been a suit specifically designed for live events. The suit is said to be designed for “durability, endurance and easy disinfecting procedures.” The suit only covers the upper body and was designed to easily use the restroom and even have sex. The designers really have thought of everything as the suit comes with a phone charger, smartphone integration, high definition camera, private voice chat, and beverage and vape supply. While the suit is still in the prototype phase, it will be interesting to see if the demand and need is there for such a product.

All eyes are on Arkansas as they are currently scheduled to his the first post-COVID-19 concert on May 15th. Travis McCready is set to perform but there are many uncertainties still surrounding the event. To get a clearer picture of what the event might look like the Ticketmaster event page has detailed extensive guidelines. The first and most obvious step was reducing the venue capacity by 80% from 1,100 to 229 people. Other steps fall in line with the Event Safety Alliance’s guidelines of required mask and temperature checks at entry points. While the event is still scheduled for May 15th, it has not exactly received a ringing endorsement from the Arkansas governor. If the event does happen it will certainly be an interesting test to see how the first concert of COVID-19 goes.