When and Where

When and Where

When and Where. That is the phrase that may end up saving the 2020 MLB season. Baseball has been struggling the past few weeks much more than other professional sports, and the situation has not produced positive signs for the larger future of the game as well. However, the hashtag #WhenandWhere has become a rallying cry for players and fans in the debate between owners and players. Hopefully it leads to salvaging some form of a 2020 season.

The phrase shows the players’ willingness to end the debate and get back to work. They want to play ball. While not explicitly stated this way, the when and where concept has popped up in other areas of society to end the COVID-19 disruptions.

Wall Street – Many have been surprised by the rapid rebound of the stock market since the March lows despite ugly unemployment and shutdowns. The stock market is typically 6-12 months forward looking, and that is what is happening. Investors are basically saying “tell me when and where” and let’s just fast forward to 2021 when this is over.

Main Street Retail – States have started to reopen, and consumers are wildly eager to get back out even with rising cases. Phase 2 of reopening in New York City started today with retail and restaurants getting back to business. It is yet to be seen if the value of a $1,000 quarantine haircut survives. In general though, consumers seemed to have been waiting for whenever and wherever commerce reopened as restaurants and retail have been filled with customers during reopenings.

Cruises – The cruise industry has been one of the hardest hit by the shutdowns just like other industries and companies in the events and travel space. The stocks of cruise lines dropped heavily and have bounced around on news headlines. The cruise lines recently voluntarily extended their suspension of trips from July to September 15. However, consumers are eying 2021 with bookings with Carnival nearing pre-COVID levels.

Concerts – The concert industry is seeking out several potential solutions to getting live events started. Strategies include suits, heavy contact tracing, reduced capacity, temperature checks, and disinfectant sprays. In the meantime, one thing is certain. Fans are ready for music. BTS hosted a record breaking livestream show, and Garth Brooks is selling out drive-ins for simulcast concert.

The only thing not attracting crowds these days seem to be Trump rallies. For everything else, just tell us #WhenandWhere. We are ready to play.